danceguard4lyf (danceguard4lyf) wrote in backtothe80s,


Hi new member.

I'm kinda on a desperate search...

When my older sister was younger, around the time around my first Christmas in 86, my parents told her at the toy store to pick any cabbage patch doll she wanted. So she went and picked one. Well when we moved 4 years back somehow, he got misplaced and we think he accidentally got sold or taken to good will. Since then we have looked everywhere in our house for him and my uncle has looked on ebay and all, our problem we can't remember the actual name of the doll. And I'm not finding any really good websites to help out.

In case anyone can help, he's an african american bald baby doll. Brown eyes, and from about mid-80's. My sister called him Russell but we're about 95% sure thats not his real name. If anyone could help, with a website or something, I'd appreciate it :) Thanks!
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